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After moving to Renfield, Florida, Franklin Oddbit discovers that the high school is being fed upon by their quarterback, Gavin Schreck, with assistance from their vice-principal. Franklin also discovers that Gavin’s father is the soul-sucking host of a television show called ‘Speaking of the Dead.’ An accident during an electrical storm awakens a few special abilities in Franklin, as well as frequent nightmares about a series of murders committed long ago. A small group of high school misfits are drawn to Franklin; revealing that they also have unique abilities of their own. Franklin and his friends attempt to expose the true nature of Gavin and his father; but not before Franklin is abducted. Franklin’s abductor turns out to be his biological father; a murdering crime boss currently dabbling in Florida real estate known only as the Monster. The Monster has plans to gain Franklin’s help in a centuries old vendetta.

Edited by Ali Ayala & John Anderson

Cover Photo by Susan Sparks (Formerly Landbo-O’brien)


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